Patented breakthrough technology allows you to improve your golf putting year-round on PGA simulated putting contours. A true putting challenge to improve your game!

 Putting Panorama FullFeatures:

  • 72 electronically changing contours automatically created by our patented technology
  • Four 18-hole courses on both amateur and professional levels (2 amateur and 2 pro)
  • Authentic “Game” mode and challenging “Practice” Green mode
  • Computerized keypad display announces each player’s turn, hole number, penalty strokes, and average putts per player
  • Patented sensor system keeps score of every 1-, 2-, or 3- putt for up to 4 players on 9- or 18-holes
  • Automatic ball return rolls the ball right to your feet after every putt
  • Finest, most true-to-life putting surface rolls at a 9.5 stimpmeter
  • Patented ball cup design offers the most realistic, level putting surface (without any incline)
  • Unique “fully-assembled” design. No tools required.
  • Built-in 2ft extension for up to 8ft putts


Sold in the U.S. as Golf Putting Challenge